will make your returning customers

feel special!


Using our years of experiences with online and mobile marketing, boosting sales and IT solutions, we have identified an opportunity for a mobile solution that helps build a customer database for B2C sales points.

Vipster is a mobile loyalty program that boost sales by improving the frequency of visits of returning and the most satisfied customers. It helps you quickly build a database of returning customers without additional effort on the part of your employees or big investments in marketing.

The owner of Vipster is spletnaPOSTAJA ltd., which has become one of the leading Slovenian web agencies in the past 12 years of successful business. We have integrated into Vipster our wide range of experiences from various kinds of successful web and mobile projects.

Vipster team members are highly experienced individuals in web and mobile marketing, sales and IT solutions.
We are following the latest trends in marketing and integrate them into solutions for attracting more and more new and returning customers. We are boosting sales for our clients by implementing new marketing approaches.

Our values

Support and flexibility.
Our support team is always available to help you set up a new benefit or communication with your customers.

Professionalism and efficiency.
We help you improve your business development using our wide know-how.

Trust and loyalty.
We build a strong and long lasting relationship with our clients.


Contact details

Vipster, programi zvestobe, d.o.o., Letaliska 33, 1000 LJUBLJANA

+386 590 71 009

Letaliska 33, 1000 LJUBLJANA


I really care about my returning customers. I want Vipster!

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